Business Cards: Ideas and Inspiration, Part II

Today we continue looking at business cards that stand out, and here’s hoping you get some inspiration and ideas! After all, you only get one first impression, so your business card should be something that showcases the best of your design abilities. On Wednesday we looked at the use of interesting shapes, 3D business cards, and business “cards” made out of other objects. Today, we’re looking at different techniques.


Let images and color draw attention to your card. If your name incorporates a color, the reiteration on the card can create a memorable impression. Take a look at the elegant, striking, and fitting use of color on these business cards, all from

Clever Associations

The next four pictures are taken from
Have a lawn-care business? Consider seed packets as business cards.
Or perhaps you want something to help people find their way to your map-printing business:

Work Samples

Maybe you want to include a sample on your business card. This gives people a tangible vision of your work.


And of course, if you claim to be an interactive designer, an interactive business card (from is a good way to back up your claim.

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